How to make home-yesoterapia


There are a lot of treatments to reduce fat, yesoterapia that one of the most used techniques to mark the waist and firm the abdomen. With only five sections can be reduced up to 5 inches of fat, the treatment lasts eight hours per section.

How to make home-yesoterapia

The yesoterapia also be done at home in a home and easy to perform this treatment only need several ingredients and time to conduct the sessions.

-         Begin realizándote exfoliation in the area where you’ll begin to apply the treatment, it is advisable to opt for a homemade recipe for yesoterapia then can work better.

-         To create the yesoterapia need several ingredients : 1 kilo of dental plaster, 100 grams of rosemary, 2 liters of hot water, 100 grams eucalyptus, 2 tablespoons of sea salt, 4 nettle leaves, 100 grams of mint, 2 sheets celery, 3 meter and 1 elastic bandage gauze.

-           Preparation: placed in a pot and add water to boil all the herbs, then add sea salt and strain preparation. Stretch the cheesecloth and add all the cast on it, introdúcele gauze in the water and to remove it when fully wet. Then exprímela slightly covered with gauze and the area where you want to reduce fat.

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